Corporate Training Courses Boost Your Team's Skills - LCCL


1. Leadership Training

These training are suitable If you have your ambition for a C-suite position or you’re already in an executive role, you need critical qualities like high-level fiscal responsibility, innovation, ethics, communications, negotiation, and strategic thinking.

2. Industry Certification

Once endorsement application is received, LCCL will provide the Training Provider with a link to a secure Dropbox folder. The Training Provider is to upload course materials and other relevant artefacts including a completed Training Provider Checklist/s to this folder.Advancing your skills to earn a professional certification can set you apart from the competition by highlighting your expertise and adding prestige to your bio. Even when a certificate is not required by your company, earning one (or more) adds value to your entire organisation by establishing your ability to meet industry benchmarks, boosting productivity, and confirming your adherence to professional standards.

3. Cybersecurity Protocols

These are specialised training critical to maintain skills in the area of cyber safety and when the threats are constantly evolving, so your skills must evolve too. Technology training can be anything from a small-group tutorial on protecting your company’s sensitive information to an industry-recognised official certification program

4. Technology Training

A study by Gartner found that 80% of employees lack the skills they need for their current roles and for their future jobs. Often, this means keeping up to date with technology. From industry-specific software training to certificate-track UX or app development, there is a wide range of professional education programs that we are constantly building to advance your digital skills.

5. Business Skills Training

Learn foundational skills you need to perform your job or add-on training to update your competencies related to your organisation’s operations and technology. These courses also often offer transferable skills for your industry in general.